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Accidental lockouts of homes, business places, or vehicles are often panicky, and you may overpay for a quick job. When you look for a “locksmith near me,” a bunch of options appear in front of you. But picking the most reliable Locksmith services that are budget efficient is difficult. You can choose Affordable Locksmith Tampa for all kinds of emergency locksmith services. 


Residential Locksmith

We understand that home is the place where you have to feel the most secure. The absence of a good quality lock system at your home may often bother you. Hence, We offer good-quality home lock installation, lock repair, and home locksmith services.


Commercial Locksmith

In Tampa, commercial services are quite expensive and may cost you a fortune for risk safety procedures. However, Affordable Locksmith Tampa is not only the best locksmith but also provides a convenient and affordable system aligned to your door and interior designs.


Automobile Locksmith

Every 25 seconds, somewhere in the USA, a car gets stolen. Tampa, Florida, also has almost the same statics. Our automotive services enhance the security of your vehicle. The longer it takes to steal a car, the more prominent it becomes and eventually caught. Call our car locksmith now!

Affordable Locksmith Tampa, FL

Affordable Locksmith Tampa is a dedicated and experienced team of professional locksmiths operating in Tampa, Florida. Since we are working with classical and modern lock and key systems ensuring security and safety. The client’s trust makes us stand out from the rest of the services. The licensed and trained working staff is available 24/7.

There are certain situations when it becomes inevitable to change the lock or unlock it without the key:

i) When you buy a property or purchase a used vehicle, in both cases, you need reliable locksmith services to get exclusive security locks of your possession. Getting new locks installed for each room may drain your budget. Fortunately, our cheap locksmith Tampa service offers you secure and affordable services in compiled packages.

ii) Imagine leaving your car keys in the car while parking around a crowded shopping center in Tampa. You can neither leave the car at the place, get the ticket, or get the keys on your own without professional assistance. You instantly need a mobile locksmith service in Tampa, fl. However, asking a local locksmith may get you in trouble for paying a hefty amount for no reason. At the same time, the rates of our predesigned services will not cost an extra amount for the emergency. Rather we offer fixed rates for distinctive services. 

iii) Acquiring a rental residence and office spaces or shops also necessitates lock replacement. At the moment, spending lavishly on locks is not a wise decision. Therefore, Affordable Locksmith Tampa offers you convenient packages and a versatile locking system for your safety and privacy.

Locksmith Tampa

Best Locksmith Near Me in Tampa

Professional, Super, and Safe Locksmith

Suppose you are new in Tampa or nearby places and urgently need a locksmith. Then do not hesitate to get the trusted locksmith in Tampa service just on a call or message. Our team is not only professional but also certified for being Trusted Locksmith Tampa. Excellence in cheap prices is also prone to objections, yet Affordable Locksmith has established goodwill among local and nearby markets. The reason for fame is simply due to the reliability and durability at a non-objectionable price.

Professional Locksmith: Dealing with direct customer safety and security is a matter of responsibility. The Affordable Locksmith Tampa ensures the team works professionally and hires professionals after essential character checks. Breeching locking systems may expose your property and possessions to a high risk of theft and unsafe intruding. 

Working with Versatile Super Locks: Since handling and recreating the smart key-lock and security systems demand highly professional and trained staff. Therefore, we keep upgrading the existing staff to meet the modern safety systems. It prevents test and trial losses and prevents you from hefty damages from inadequately installing types of equipment. Our team has a professionally advanced and experienced staff that can conveniently deal with versatile systems. 

Safety and Security: The basic need of a locksmith is to ensure security and safety. We optimize the security of users’ privacy. Our team guides the user about the locking systems enabling them to set the locks of modern housing and vehicles system exclusively.

Our Tampa Locksmith Services

Life Needs Locks, We Provide Them

Residential Locksmith Services

Commercial Locksmith Services

Automotive Locksmith Services

Tampa Locksmith

Trusted Locksmith in Tampa FL

"24/7 Locksmith Serving Tampa and Surrounding Areas"

The Affordable Locksmith Tampa serves 24/7 in Tampa and nearby areas. So, now you don’t have to compromise your security while waiting for a locksmith. Instead, you can call our professional locksmith (Tampa) at the time of need. You can also get the in-home service immediately and at any time. Hundreds of our customers in Tampa trust our locksmith services.

Our locksmith service can help you unlock the vehicles in case of lost or broken keys. Similarly, you can get a technician at your rental apartment or hostel lockers to install a private lock system according to your needs. You can also rekey the existing locks with a few amendments instead of replacing the whole new system.  

You can call us and contact Affordable Locksmith Tampa to resolve all locks and security issues without displacing the whole locking system. Our team arrives shortly at your location and provides extensive service regardless of day and time.

Why Choose Us

We offer the most affordable and reliable Locksmith services in Tampa and nearby areas. Ages of experience and consistent development aligned with modern technology makes us stand out from the rest of the cheap locksmith services in Tampa and its surroundings. From mailbox locks to smart locks of lockers and vehicles, we deal with almost all types of locking systems. We take pride in serving our customers as the best home, business, and 24 hour locksmith in Tampa.

Our legacy is to maintain Clients’ privacy and security without complicating the security systems. Our ethically trained staff offers consultation and suggests the best approaches that meet the requirements. Whether it’s classical locks, modern locks, or hybrid systems, our team is acquainted with all forms of techniques and technologies. Super and Safe Locksmith loves to resolve security issues at affordable prices. [Our Founding Date: February 2018]

Here are a few quick checks that help you distinguish us from the rest of your findings of “cheap locksmith Tampa

  1. We are Professional
  2. Always Available 
  3. Low-Cost services without compromising the quality.

Our Service Areas:

  1. Tampa
  2. Tampa Bay Area
  3. Hillsborough County
  4. Pinellas County
  5. Pasco County
  6. Town ‘n’ Country
  7. Tampa-St. Petersburg Metropolitan Area.


Professionally trained and smartly equipped with modern technology makes your security system hassle-free. The friendly and smart staff is always keen to troubleshoot the issues and offer the best locksmith services.

24x7 Support

The locksmith service we offer is available 24/7 in Tampa and nearby areas. Our trained staff instantly reach the location.  Affordable locksmith Tampa is a certified and authentic locksmith service in Tampa, Florida. 

Low Cost

We offer competitive market rates to our clients, whether in emergency calls or planned visits. Without compromising the quality of the security service, we provide cheap locksmith service in Tampa.

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Poorly experienced and cheap services of a locksmith may worsen the situation. Therefore, hiring a professional to deal with locks is a way to keep you at peace.

A professional service never goes beyond the already set prices for each service. The service cost is precisely calculated and has no potential for additional charges.

Lockout emergencies, especially for vehicles and shops, need NOC certification. To get your car to unlock, you need to prove your property ownership. A professional service may ask you to fill up a form and NOC certificate to unlock your vehicle.

Yes, you can ask to get multiple locks for a single key. Identical lock patterns will enable you to use the same key for all your home or office locks.

We accept payments via Cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Invoice, ATM/Debit Card, Cash App, and Zelle.

The cost depends on the type of locking system installed and services availed. On average, it ranges from $50 to $300.

Affordable Locksmith Tampa Client Reviews​

Michael Says “I found the Affordable locksmith Tampa originally offering low prices for their amazing services. The staff was super cooperative and reached me immediately after I lost my car keys in the crowded Shopping Mall’s parking. I was reluctant to take people to look after my expensive and well-maintained car lock. But the staff convinced me with their plans disclosures.”

Charlotte Reviewed “I admire the service and the quick response. However, there were a bunch of technical issues with my smart locking system, but the efficient and well-equipped staff troubleshoots the issue without any havoc. I highly recommend the service for people looking for a reliable yet cheap locksmith in Tampa, fl.”

Jacob Says “Quick response, swift action, and no extra charges made me give the company 10 out of 10 for their locksmith service. I was traveling to another city and needed 2 spare door-locks keys for my wife and me. The procedure was swift, and I got my keys within 2 hours. “

Eric Stated “Affordable Locksmith Tampa is the most reliable service in town. I acquired the service several times to rekey my apartments on rent. With a change of tenancy, I must go through detailed resetting, and they offer me the best service at the least price. Very much satisfied with the service and price.”

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It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that we have received 5 out of 5-star ratings on Google.

Cierra James
Cierra James
Thank You So Much For You Service. Fast and Affordable
Oliva Mitchell
Oliva Mitchell
The price I paid was significantly higher than the quote I had received the previous day, but the service I received on the day was superb and the locksmith that attended offered quality advice.
Nana Dania
Nana Dania
My bedroom door was locked and I got a prompt reply from Locksmith. He was very professional and very responsive. He provided a very reasonable quote and quickly fixed everything.
Cooper Perkins
Cooper Perkins
Arrived in reasonable time. Very pleasant, smart young gentleman. Quickly drilled lock, to get us back in. Locksmith changed 4 locks without charging anything extra for his time. Should use you again - but hope not to!
Annette Poynter
Annette Poynter
The person who helped me was super polite and immediately stopped to help me when we came in. Locksmith spent a few minutes getting the drawer open and then after we got the key out, he made me a spare. The total cost was well under my expectations and the service was above and beyond. We will get all of our keys made here from now on.
Tom Brown
Tom Brown
Locksmith was amazing showed up on time and the work was quick I highly recommend anyone who has a lock proctor come to him!
Ralph Gomez
Ralph Gomez
Totally locked myself out of my house during a walk with my dog early in the morning, around 7.30 am, and couldn't get back in!! I had just gotten off a 12 hour night shift and wanted to get to sleep ASAP. Locksmith got to me in 10 minutes and had me in my house in less than 2 once on site!! So quick and easy. Would DEFINITELY recommend!!!
Av0id_ Killzz
Av0id_ Killzz
Best service. Affordable and fast.
Sophie Daniel
Sophie Daniel
Locksmith was very responsive and asked all the right questions to help me with my Smart lock for my home. Thank you for your assistance!

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