5 Best Ways to Improve Your Home Security

The most common misconception about burglars is that they are not highly skilled. Since they do not wear striped shirts or carry swag-titled bags, they appear very normal. They skillfully perform the deed and run away as if nothing has happened. Therefore, you must know the best ways to improve your home security to be safe.

People spend smartly on locking and security systems when building a house. But the burglars know the leakage in the system and use the point to utilize the opportunity. Therefore, besides classical security systems and precautions, here I am sharing some of the home security tips which will help you ditch the crafty minds. 

Here are a few interesting facts about “How to improve home security” without costing you a fortune to protect your possessions.

Best Ways to Improve Your Home Security

Best Ways to Improve Your Home Security

Home Security Tips You Never Thought Of

Before we discuss how to get protected, here are a few potential sources of falling into the trap. Once you know where the danger lies, you can avoid such situations and find the right strategy for the occurrence. Let’s get the show on the road;

Ambiguous Visitors from Companies and Services:
Imagine off-guarding your security for a criminal disguised as a plumber. You may eventually lose all your valuable belongings if you realize whether you misplaced them or got stolen. Therefore, make sure to smartly verify the visitors and anyone with access to private and security constraints to avoid unfortunate accidents. The best way is to ask for work permits and licenses and then call on the official numbers to verify the serviceman’s identity. 

Strange Activities and Existence of Strangers:
Expert intruder performs surveys around your house before intruding on the deed. Initially, they may be seen around like ordinary people without wrong intentions. Still, they keep an eye on your routine, in-out timings, sleep timings and when the security system is at a minimum.  
You may find unusual or strange placement near your houses, such as planks and other aiding items. Therefore, frequently check on the strange faces around your home when you see them more often than usual.

Now let’s get to the point of how to improve home security.

1) Be a thief or rob your own house

Start with unlocking your main door lock without using keys and an unlocking system. From tricks to force, use all potential ways to rate the standard locking system of your home. Suppose it’s not difficult for you to unlock; it’s way easier for a trained robber to unlock the system silently. You may also ask a locksmith to check it for you and let you find the weak areas in the locking system and how to upgrade the system for better security. 

2) Set Hidden Multiple Locks

Another way to keep your home secure is to set multiple locks systems, classical and advanced. You can also set up hybrid systems, which appear quite easy to unlock and confuse burglars. Multiple-point locking takes more time than usual locks, and the intruders give up instead of being caught while attempting the unlocking tricks.

However, one must hire a professional locksmith to keep the locking system hassle-free. Complex locking points may also cause lockouts, and you end up breaking the locks yourself. Affordable Locksmith Tampa is the right guy for the purpose.

3) Security Cameras or Dummy Cameras

Installing security cameras is expensive, yet one of the best ways to improve your home security. Surveillance cameras record people surfing around and the activities of the ins and outs. You can also track malicious activities and the person using the recorded videos. Do you think a burglar can distinguish the recording cameras and dummies placed on prominent points? Most probably, “No.” 

So, if you are running out of budget to keep the records of surveillance cameras, you can install a dummy system. However, the limitation of the strategy is quite confined. It would help if you did not use the strategy inside the house, as intruders will quickly find out the dummy camera. However, keeping them on the main door will alarm the burglars surveying and planning the theft.

4) Smart Lights Random Schedules- Someone is Always Home

Criminals, intruders, and robbers are observing your routine and calculating the inactivity time zone of your house. Therefore, set up the smart lights and keep them on and off at different times using the app on your mobile device. Daytime lights and nighttime blackouts show there is no one at home. But the randomness of the routine confuses the burglars.

Another point is to keep your mail empty and pathways clean. Even if you are away for a few days, ask your reliable friend and family to do it on your behalf. Also, trim the shrubs and do not abandon the backyards and street-facing areas for burglars to find an easy way to break in.

5) Social Media Announcements Ahead of the Event

When investigated by police and authorities, it was evident that social media posts greatly played a role in planned robberies. Often people announce upcoming events on the social media platforms, such as vacations and outdoor parties. It makes them vulnerable to intruders. The police tips for home security discourage activities that disclose personal or tractable information.

Wrapping Up- Quick Checklist

Before I end the interesting discussion on the best ways to improve home security, I would like to share a quick precaution checklist. Being precautious is always better than regretting afterward. If becoming alert is only sometimes possible, then keep this checklist at your place.

Things To be Checked:

  1. Regular Locksmith Visit- Locking System Check
  2. Security or Surveillance Cameras
  3. Alarm System Checks
  4. Checking residential data
  5. Checking windows and doors
  6. Keeping emergency numbers

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