Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

When we talk about the places to visit in Tampa, Busch Garden Tampa is at the top of the list. The garden itself evolved with the tourist attractions in the city of Tampa. Busch Garden is one of the most attractive theme parks around the world. It is situated in Florida, which is one of the utmost tourist attractions around the globe.

The part is made to be much more interesting as it is a combination of themes inspired by multiple regions of the world. It has potions from Egypt, Congo, Stanleyville, Pantopia, Sesame State Safari Of Fun, Birds Garden, Cheetah Hunt Area, and Nairobi that take the park to the top in the ranks of best amusement theme parks.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

All You Need To Know Before Going to Busch Gardens, Florida

Busch Gardens is a Tampa Amusement Park situated in an area of about 335 acres. You must make proper preparations before entering and exploring the park. Here are a few tips you should make before visiting the park. 

  • Make sure that you are visiting at the right hours. The park is big, so you need more time to cover all the Busch garden rides. The park is open to the public from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, so it is always better to reach there around 10:30 am to enjoy all the fun rides and scenery.
  • The Busch Garden Tampa Bay is big, so it is always better to enter the park in comfortable, breathable clothes and comfy shoes. 
  • Carry a small bag with you with all the essentials in it. Keep sun protection, a phone, a small umbrella, and hand sanitizer in it.
  • Download the map for the park on the phone and enjoy a comfortable planned tour. 
Quick TipIf you lose your car keys while wandering in the garden, you can call an emergency locksmith in Tampa.

Main Attraction of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

The park is so huge that you cannot cover it in a single day. Therefore, here you go with some of the park’s main attractions that you should add to the top of the list to experience the best.

Amazing Coaster Rides

Busch Gardens Roller Coaster rides are one of the top rides you should always take. These rides are the main attraction in the park. Here you go with the fun details of rides in the park.

1] Conquer Kumba: When we talk about the top roller coaster rides, Conquer Kumba is one of them. It moves at 60 mph for unbeatable fun, especially in the loops. The ride moves at a total area of 143 feet so that you can enjoy it. 

2] The Montu Ride: Montu is an amazing ride named after the Egyptian God. It is one of the main attractions in the park. The ride is full of inversions that boost the fun. 

3] The Cobra’s Curse: Cobra’s Curse is a spin coaster. The ride is unique as it lifts upwards towards the huge Cobra and then moves forwards like you are going inside the mouth of the Cobra. There is an amazing spin that ends the ride on a fun note.

4] Scorpion: When we talk about the fun and adventure pact rides in the theme parks in Tampa, the Scorpion is at the top of the list. The ride has a blast of 3.5 Gs, which is quite breathtaking. With all the power, the ride goes around 360 loops, and the traditional steel composition makes it fun. 

The Sultan's Sweet

Having a good brunch while enjoying a theme park like the Busch Garden is always mandatory. There is an amazing sweet shop in front of the theme park known as the Sultan’s sweet, known for some of its amazing cakes and muffins, which you should give a try to treat your sweet tooth.

Giraffe Feeding

Animal lovers always look for a chance to interact with them, and the Serengeti Safari is the best place. The safari in the park is a fun place to hang out. There is a thirty-minute guided tour where you can interact with animals like giraffes, antelope, and zebras and feed them.

Have Fun With The Show

All the rides will thrill you, but if you want to relax, you can also enjoy a relaxing snow skate show. The show is fascinating and will make you chill on a hot day. 

The Last Thoughts

There is no way to miss all the fun at Busch Garden Tampa, as it is one of the best tourist destinations which people of every age can enjoy. Suppose you are in Tampa, park and lose the keys to the car while returning. Don’t worry; we have a solution for that too. Just call the Affordable Locksmith Tampa, and they will be at your service to help you and give you access to your car. Have fun and enjoy your traveling.

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