How to Become a Locksmith in Florida?

There are several ways to become a locksmith. You can start by taking the best locksmith training course with a licensed locksmith in Florida. This is usually done through local trade schools, community colleges, or vocational schools. After completing the program, you must pass a state exam before being able to work as a locksmith. Although the need for certification is still next to professional skill, a certified locksmith’s demand is on the incline.

There are several Locksmiths in Tampa-Florida without licenses and certificates. However, the credibility and labor cost of all such locksmiths is below certified and professionally trained locksmiths. Locksmith is a skill and can help you earn extra bucks in a few hours as a part-time job for kitchen money. The locksmith’s salary (in Florida) depends on the skill set and professional training.

Want to know the best part?

The locksmith certification cost is diverse and depends on your chosen locksmith academy. Therefore, it’s essential to explore the learning procedure. Read the discussion below to make the right choice.

How to Become a Locksmith in Florida

Steps for Becoming a Qualified Locksmith in Florida

Although there are many ways to become a trained locksmith, you need conventional training to become a qualified and devoted locksmith. Below I will share step by step guide to becoming a Locksmith in Tampa, Florida.

It’s time to begin!

Step 1) Survey the local Vocational Training Centers
The locksmith is a skill that may turn into a way of living. Therefore, various local government-based organizations provide scratch to expert-level training.

Step 2) Attempt ALOA exams
You can register with the AIOU ( Associated Locksmiths of America, Inc.) For attempting the certification exam after accomplishing the conventional training.

Step 3) Apprentice Locksmith Training
There needs to be more than passing exams and formal training to become a skilled locksmith. You need to work in the practical field and troubleshoot under the supervision of an experienced locksmith.
Although Florida does not have strict obligations regarding the training program, other states demand the work-space certification for licensing. Florida locksmith association ( helps improve the service systems and offers free training to sharpen locksmith skills and help tackle problems.

Step 4) Self and skill Improvement Training
The locking system is getting more advanced with time. Hence, a devoted locksmith has to improve their skill set continuously. Therefore, the Florida locksmith association arranges combined meetings, seminars, and industry events that help find the right procedures. 

Step 5) Acquire Work Permits (License Verification)
Locksmith certification is not essential in all states, but it makes the service provider reliable. The locksmith certification criteria are variable regarding the qualification and licensing procedures. However, local authorities issue work permits after criminal record verification.

How to get Locksmith License in Florida (Criteria and Process)?

The locksmith industry in Tampa, Florida, is usually divided into individual locksmiths and companies offering services altogether. In both scenarios, work, permit, and License are essential. Furthermore, to work in a company, one has to show up some of the certifications and documentation.

Here is a quick checklist to apply for Locksmith Business Licence or work permit in Tampa, Florida.

  • An apprentice locksmith permit (Locksmith Experience Affidavit)
  • Character Certificates ( Police Background Check)
  • Certificate from authorized Locksmith Training Centre

How to Start a Locksmith Business?

Is becoming a qualified locksmith a difficult or underrated skill?  Not at all. The truth is; there is no need for excessive efforts to attain the work license to establish a locksmith business in Florida. Excellence in skill and professional conduct makes you stand out in the competitive market. Once you have acquired locksmith training in Florida, you are already halfway to becoming a successful locksmith in the town. A locksmith must be expert in residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services to generate a good business.

Here is a general roadmap for establishing the locksmith business from scratch to an advanced level.

  • Planning of the business network and services 
  • Expanding the existing services while acquiring modern systems
  • Business Tax Registration
  • Banking and transactions through a business account
  • Establish Account Section
  • Acquire permits and license to become a reliable service provider
  • Insured Staff and business insurance
  • Branding and promotion
  • Digital presence with a business website
  • Activate Support and customer care Service


The precise answer is “Yes.” To acquire a business license, you don’t need certifications. However, the certification and verification documents improve customer trust, leading to high ticketing clients.

The locksmith’s annual earnings range from $40K-$50. However, the service provider’s skill set and reliability have high rates compared to a local locksmith with limited services.

Becoming a certified locksmith is easy and a low-cost investment with potential ROI. The average cost of training is around $600 to $1000.

There are several institutes and training centers that help people acquire certificates. The most reliable and competitive certifications are through the ALOA.


The Locksmith certifications through competitive forums help establish the career. Moreover, the most important factor is to keep learning the advancing technology of security systems. Upgradation of the skill set keeps you in demand forever.

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