How to Keep Door Locks from Freezing?

Freezing temperatures distort the locks due to metal deformation. Most waves are made of metal alloys that remember the shape and restore the original condition. Still, to prevent the chaotic situation of malfunctioned locks, you must know How to keep door locks from freezing.

During winter seasons, you’re in the never-ending battle of effortlessly unlocking and locking the doors. Whether a home door or a vehicle door, most locks cannot retain their shape and flexibility. Ultimately, calling a Locksmith for lockouts becomes inevitable. 

Take some preventive measures and keep your doors from getting jammed in freezing temperatures.

How to Keep Door Locks from Freezing

How to Prevent Door Locks from Freezing? (Easy Tips)

At Affordable Locksmith Tampa, we often receive queries about ways to prevent frozen locks. Hence, Presenting you impressive and practically effective methods! 

Insulation Coverage

The safe interior is dry and warm when the locks are covered with insulated materials. Consequently, it retains the shape of metal and prevents deformation. The insulation and coverage material is usually strong magnets that block the moisture from seeping into the locks. Although a woolly sock is also helpful in this regard, it gets wet at times of rain or snow, leaving the locks moist and cold. 

Graphite or WD-40 Spray

WD-40 is one of the most convenient methods for preventing door locks from freezing. You can spray twice a week for smooth waves. However, the irritating odor makes it a wrong choice for home doors. Instead, a Graphite spray has no odor and lubricates the locks. 

Petroleum Jelly Lubricants

Petroleum jelly is an effective DIY and immediate remedy to prevent the locks from freezing. However, you have to apply the cream over the lock and inner system using tools. The best thing about petroleum jelly is it does not wash out with rain and water. So, even after washing, your lock is intact and keeps the safety lubricated. In addition, it prevents moisture from entering the locking system. 

Storm Door Installation

The doors are manufactured with weather resistance as the doors insulate the moisture seepage and rain and are also good UV-rays resistant. However, the chances of building up moisture in the locks still exist, but it reduces the complexity. 

Weatherproof Padlocks

The last but most efficient method is to install a weatherproof locking system. However, the padlocks are expensive but are a long-lasting solution. Affordable Locksmith Tampa offers Weather proof locking systems for your automotive, residential, and commercial security systems. 

Quick Tips to Prevent the Frozen Doors

Even after applying multiple tricks and methods, there are chances of frost buildup in the locks. So, there are a few habits that you must follow to prevent frozen locks.

Start lubricating the locks in routine. 

  • Keep checking on the weather forecast and follow the 
  • Check the check on the rubber gasket
  • Leave 10-15 min earlier than the appointed time
  • Keep de-icing spray in the car or handbag
  • Park cars and vehicles under the sunlight
  • Use Fan heaters and auto-heaters
  • Ensure the insulations are intact
  • Avoid water and dust with oil lubrication
  • Call a locksmith to check the existing locking systems before frost.

Bottom Lines

During winter, if you don’t want to call a locksmith more often, know how to keep door locks from freezing. Remember, precautions are best practice to prevent the hassle. However, making locksmith visits before the onset of frost may help reduce the tendencies of frozen locks and doors. Ultimately, your prevention roadmap will be specific to your occurrence and requirements. Therefore, consulting a locksmith will be much more beneficial for you to prevent winter hassles. 

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