How to Open a Locked Bathroom Door?

Getting locked inside or outside the bathroom is one of the worst situations a person can face. In such a situation, we should try instant unlock methods rather than calling a locksmith. Luckily, the bathroom door locks are easy to pick as they come with only the privacy factor, not a security factor. 

You can use multiple methods when locked inside or outside the door. This article comes with some of the top ways that will tell you how to open a locked bathroom door, with some of the most readily available things around you. You can call a locksmith if you do not want to do the job yourself. Affordable Locksmith Tampa is one of the most famous locksmiths with emergency 24/7 mobile service in Florida.

How to Open a Locked Bathroom Door

How To Open The Lock If You Are Locked Outside The Washroom

If you are locked outside your washroom or helping someone locked inside, luckily, you have multiple things around you and in your access that can help you get rid of the problem.

Please note: Unlocking yourself with DIY methods can be risky. So, it is always better to call a professional locksmith for help. Get in touch with an emergency locksmith in Tampa for the best and most reliable lockout services at affordable prices.

Here you go with the top methods to pick the door lock.

Unlock the Door With A Card

Everyone has some cards in their wallet, whether an identity card, business card, or credit card. You can use any of these cards to unlock your bathroom door. 

Take the card and wiggle it between the frame and the lock. Wiggling the card for few times will unlock the door. Open the locked door when you hear a clicking sound.

Unlock the Door with a Butter Knife

There is a butter knife in every home. It is one of the most accessible things around you if you are locked outside the washroom door. The butter knife will work as the key for the lock. 

Put the knife head inside the keyhole and turn it like you used to turn the key. This method will unlock the door in a very few tries.

Unlock the Door with a Bobby Pin

Bobby pins are a substitute if the door lock does not open with a butter knife. You have to prepare the booby pin to unlock the door. Make the pin straight after using force. Spray a lubricant on the lock to make the unlocking process easier.

  1. Insert the pin inside the lock.
  2. Wiggle the pin and twist the lock.
  3. Keep trying; this door lock will open after a few tries.

Unlock the Door with a Screwdriver

Screwdrivers with thin head are one of the good choices you can make to unlock the bathroom door. 

  1. Insert the screwdriver head inside the door lock.
  2. Wiggle the head.
  3. Do not turn the lock; the screwdriver will automatically unlock the door.

Unlock the Door Using a Lock Picking Set

Lock-picking sets is a professional technique that you can use to unlock a door. Although it is illegal to keep a picking kit without reason, you can also make a lock-picking kit at home with a pair of bobby pins. 

However, it’s a bit technical to open the lock with the picking technique, but anyone can do it after doing proper research. Read How To Pick A Safe Lock to know more about lock-picking.

Remove the Bathroom Lock

Although all of the above methods are quite effective still, if the lock does not open and you are in an emergency, remove the lock. It is not a challenging task to remove the lock. You can easily remove the lock after carrying out a few tips.

  1. Take a screwdriver. 
  2. Place it between the flat part of the lock and the door knob.
  3. Apply the force upwards until you remove the lock.

How to Open the Lock if You Are Locked Inside the Bathroom?

Locking yourself inside the bathroom is no less than having a nightmare. But do not worry; keep yourself calm and think of a way out. Keeping yourself calm is the key to finding a better way to open the bathroom door.

You may have your wallet inside the bathroom. If yes, go for the card method. Look for something like bobby pins and unlock the door. Find something with a flat head; you can use that as a key.

If nothing inside the bathroom can help you go out, Try pulling the lock so it may break and open. Keep turning the lock while pulling; this might help unlock the door. Try to call someone for help. Someone around you might listen to you and come for your help. You can also look for a window as an alternate method to go out.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have ended up with the most effective way that tells you how to open a locked bathroom door. If your bathroom lock keeps on jamming, we would recommend you consult a locksmith and get the lock changed or repaired if there is a problem with it. 

Sometimes you face such issues rapidly if the lock is old. We would also recommend keeping a card inside to help unlock the door in an emergency. Stay connected for more updates about locks and lock-picking.

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