How to Pick a Safe Lock?

We consider ourselves and our valuables safe after locking the doors and safes. You should know how to pick a safe lock to analyze the safety measures of the locking system.

Yes, you can pick a lock at home without any professional help. Learning to pick a lock might also help you escape situations like locking yourself out of a car or losing the key to your safe with some essential documents that you need urgently.

With the help of this post, we will share a few methods to open a safe containing your important documents or cash.

How to Pick a Safe Lock

How to Pick Simple Locks?

Simple locks are easy to pick. They need a bit more energy but are in the right direction. Following are some simple methods for quick yet simple lock picking.

How to Pick a Safe Lock with a Paper Clip?

Paper clips are available easily in almost every home. You can use these clips to pick a lock with very little effort.

  1. Take a paper clip and cut it into two straight halves.
  2. Make a tension tool with one half. (To create a tension tool, fold the upper ¼ half of the clip. Now rotate the folded half to an angle of ninety degrees.)
  3. Use the other half of the paper clip to make a picking tool. (Bend almost ⅛ portion of the clip to almost forty-five degrees, and here you go with your picking tool.)
  4. Now, hold the tension tool with the folded head facing the lock and insert it into the lower portion with a little force until it faces resistance. And slightly turn the tension tool in the direction of the lock opening.
  5. Take the picking tool and insert it in the lock while jiggling upwards.
  6. Jiggle the picking tool until all four pins are unlocked, and you hear a clicking sound. Turn the tension tool at this point, and here you go with an open lock.

How to Pick a Safe Lock with a Bobby Pin?

Bobby pin can act as your picking tool kit. If you need to pick a lock, it will take only a few steps to make your pin ready for picking.

  1. Hold a pin upside down and bend it upwards to create a lever. Now insert this lever into the lower part of the lock. Turn the lever in the direction of the lock opening. Put a little pressure while holding the lock in your hand so the lever makes its place.
  2. Take another pin and make a pick from it. Open both ends wide and turn one thick end to make the holder. Fold the other end to a few centimeters, and your pick is ready.
  3. Insert the pick in the lock just above the lever and push it until you hear a clicking sound. Pick all four tumblers. 
  4. Now turn the lever to open the lock.

How to Pick a Digital Safe Lock?

Digital safe locks are considered more secure than normal locks, but you can also pick them just by using the right equipment. Here you go with a few methods to pin-pick.

How to Pick A Digital Lock With A Magnet?

You can pick a lock with a specific magnet. This magnet weighs around fifty-seven kilograms. You can buy this lock at a very reasonable price from any hardware store. It will cost you around the one-time fee of a locksmith. If you buy one for yourself, you can use it for a lifetime. Here you go with the method to open the digital lock with a magnet.

  1. Hold the magnet very carefully. Make sure your finger does not come beneath the magnet, as it has enough force to break your finger. Insert the magnet in a safe slideable wrapping, preferably socks.
  2. Put the magnet on the top left corner of the safe. This site has a spring lock system. The power produced by the magnet unlocks the safe.
  3. Wiggle the handle until the lock opens.
Besides this, you can also use multiple ways to pick a digital lock. You can bypass the key of the lock. This needs some software and technical knowledge.

Is it Legal to Keep Lock Picking Tools?

When we talk about the legal aspects of lock-picking tools, you can keep them until you are not using them for any criminal activity. But the shocking fact is that you can also pick a lock without using these tools just with the help of a few daily use things. 

This is why we always recommend you consult a professional locksmith to make your home safe and secure. Affordable Locksmith Tampa is one of the professional locksmith firms located in Florida. You can contact them for certified consultations.


Now you know the answer to the question of how to pick a safe lock. Using any of these methods for criminal activities can put you in trouble. Using ways like sensors and security cameras accompanied by locks is always better to keep you safe.

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