How To Pick An Office Door Lock?

Lockouts at home and office spaces hit differently. Being at home gives you access to multiple tools, but in an office with limited tools supply, you might need a professional to evacuate you. Another way to get rid of such a chaotic situation is to learn how to pick up an office door lock with limited supplies at the occurrence. 

Obviously, it becomes easier to work technically at an office with conventional tools. Therefore, observe your immediate occurrence and look around for things that help pick the locks. Here I will share with you a few DIY methods to pick an office door with office supplies.

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How To Pick An Office Door Lock

How To Pick An Office Door Lock? DIY Locksmith

Pick an Office Door Lock with Paperclip

A paperclip is a commonly found item in any office. So, if you have one around you, you can unlock your door with simple techniques. Here is the method;

Preparing the Clips:

  1. Open up the paper clip
  2. Now fold the clip almost half an inch, making a 90-degree angle
  3. Make an elongated loop with the clip ( tension wrench)
  4. Twist both ends together, making it rugged enough
  5. Now  take 2nd  paperclip and open one fold with it
  6. Twist zigzag twice at the opened end to make a wavy end
  7. Leave the loop on the other side to hold
Place the 90-degree twisted clip simultaneously in the keyhole and the zigzagged side of the clip. Now move back and forth the clips with both hands to pick the lock pattern. Once you touch the cylinder end, adjust the teeth in the lock and open it.

Shimming and Loiding

Shimming is a technique of using a thin and flat object to insert into the keyhole. Use bypassing the target of the spring latch. You can use a latch-slipping tool, knife, or credit card. It retracts the spring latch by slipping between the strike plate and the door latch. Deadbolts can also help in loiding.

Bobby Pins

Another tricky way to pick the office door lock is with bobby pins. You can easily pick the lock if you have female staff working in the office room. Although there are better options than the method for the more giant keyholes, inserting the bobby pin for mini holes becomes difficult. 

  1. The procedure is similar to the paperclip method. Here you have to open one pin to make a tension wrench and 2nd pin as a lock pick. 
  2. Insert the tension wrench in the keyway.
  3. Maintain the tension on the plug and insert 2nd lock pick pin
  4. Start scrubbing while twisting the angle of the wrench
It might take several trials, but it quickly opens the lock without a key. Therefore, try for 10 seconds and then remove the pressure.

Call a Locksmith

Be aware of the fact that picking office locks may cause you legal trouble. Therefore, it is always safe to call an insured and licensed locksmith to open the locked doors. Random trials with the lock may result in permanent lock damage. Obviously, you are not aiming for it. So call a reliable locksmith. If you are in Tampa, Florida, then Affordable Locksmith Tampa is your savior.


Lubricating the locks can prevent the door locks from clogging. But one must know how to pick an office door lock to avoid falling into a chaotic situation. Moreover, another essential fact to keep in mind is evaluating the office security regulations to avoid legal problems. 

Therefore, if you have authority, never try any lock-picking technique. Call the person authorized to either call a locksmith or pick an office door lock under the supervision of someone reliable.

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