How to Protect Your Home While on Vacation?

Are you canceling exciting vacation plans due to fear of leaving home without surveillance? But wait a moment, what if I tell you how to protect your home while on vacation? Yes, you heard it right! There are few practically applicable and Locksmith-approved methods to secure your home theft.

Before finalizing the trip, ensure your home is secure and protected from becoming a target for criminals. Home burglaries are at their peak during announced vacations and public holidays. Therefore, taking precautionary measures is necessary to enjoy your long-awaited off days harmoniously. 

How to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

How to Protect Your Home While on Vacation? (Burglar-Free Home)

Do you know why? Your home becomes defenseless to criminals and intruders when you are not there. However, strategic approaches by locksmiths will help you immune your home.  Affordable Locksmith Tampa, with significant experience in the field, has released detailed research on How to protect your home without any live surveillance. 

Lock Up- Expert Locksmith Secret

Locksmith is the right person as he knows the secrets and tricks of intruders and burglars. Moreover, an intelligent locksmith can ensure burglar protection. Therefore, when planning a trip while vacating the residence, confirm all the locks are working at optimum protection. Beware of choosing a low-profile locksmith, as paying attention to the locking system can woe you for a lifetime. Residential Locksmith in Tampa is the right option with certified and insured staff for keeping your privacy intact.

Imitate Human Presence in Occurrence

Let your home breathe even when you are not there. How is that possible? In some ways imitates your presence at home. 

  • Do not let the mail overlay on doormats ( Pause your mail deliveries).
  • Auto setup of Electronics (Especially lights open and close at random intervals).
  • Turn off the Doorbell.
  • Ask your trusted neighbors to mow the garden once in a while.
  • Halt the newspaper and magazine delivers.

Remote Monitoring with Smart Phones (Real or Dummy)

One of the expensive ways to protect your home when you are on vacation is to install CCTV cams and live monitoring devices. However, you can install the dummy cams but never try this trick at home. For instance, a burglar may observe the cam outside your home and never plan to go with it. But when someone is at home, he can quickly realize the truth. 

Remove the Spare Keys

Often people place spare keys under the doormats, in the plant pot, or some tricky spaces. You can still go in without calling a locksmith during residential lockouts if you lose a key. But it’s highly discouraged when you move out for a few days and leaves your home vacant. Because seasoned criminals know the tricks very well, they will look into each corner for it.

Never Announce –Social Media Dormancy

If you want to enjoy your home without fearing the vacant house, skip the idea of announcing or flaunting your vacation on Social media. You will have a great time posting your snaps and sharing your thoughts about the trip. But pre-announcement and sharing instant lives and photos can cause big trouble. 

You never know who has been following you for a long time, and presenting them with a chance on a plate is not a clever idea. Therefore, go dormant for a few days or keep routine engagements. 

Quick Checklist Before You Leave

  • Gas and Electricity devices unplugged.
  • Water taps closed.
  • Internal Locks. 
  • Do not leave valuables at home ( Jewelry/Cash).
  • Do not unplug telephone lines.
  • Set the fire alarms to active..
  • Do not leave pets at home without surveillance.

Wrapping Up!

Another conventional way is to find a suitable and trustworthy neighbor in the immediate locality. However, it’s not possible for all, but if you have one, you don’t have to worry about it. How to protect your home while you are on vacation is the only point of concern for someone new in a town who doesn’t know much about reliable locksmith services. But for the rest, the most appropriate way is to ask someone to stay in until you return. 

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