How to Rekey a Lock?

Do you know rentals and purchased apartments, buildings, homes, and shops are easy targets of intruders? You never know how many duplicate keys are already in the hands of previous owners or tenants. Therefore, it’s first and foremost responsibility to know how to rekey a lock when you are a property owner or tenant. Because calling a locksmith every time to appoint a new lessee will cost you extra bucks on the same lock.

So, how do I know how to rekey a lock? Can I be honest with you? 

Absorb this! All you need is a quick 5 minutes to learn how to rekey a conventional lock without any locksmith. Yes, you heard it right. Still trying to persuade! 

Scroll down for the quickest and easiest guide for a beginner.

How to rekey a lock

How to Rekey a Lock- Cylinders and Pins

The first thing you have to do is detach the lock from the door. But before that, it’s necessary to keep tools and equipment ready for the process. Below is a step-by-step process.

1) Gather the necessary tools. You will need a screwdriver, a new lock cylinder, and a rekeying kit.

2) Remove the Doorknob and lock. Unscrew the screws holding the lock in place and carefully remove them from the door. 

3) Take out the cylinder from the lock. Insert the screwdriver into the keyhole and turn it counterclockwise. This will release the cylinder from the lock.

4) Extract the C-Clip. After removing the cylinder, extract the C-clip holding the cylinder in place. 

5) Attach key plug. Your rekeying kit has a follower tube and critical plug. Connect the essential plug with the cylinder and insert the keys.  

6) Insert the new cylinder. Place the new cylinder into the lock, aligning the notches on the cylinder with the notches in the lock.

7) Use the rekeying kit. Follow the instructions in the kit to rekey the lock.

8) Reinstall the lock. Once the lock has been rekeyed, screw it back into place.

How to Rekey a Deadbolt

1) Remove the screws that hold the deadbolt to the door after removing the bolt.

2) Remove the cylinder from the housing as well as the end cap. Remove the retainer pin.

3) Repin the cylinder into the housing, replace the retainer pin and endcap and return it to the housing.

4) Check that the bolt is no longer engaged, then reattach the lock to the door.

Rekeying by your own is a skill but it must be done in a proper way. But when it comes to rekeying locks, it is important to choose a professional locksmith with the license and skill to do the job right. A professional locksmith Tampa is licensed, experienced, and skilled enough to do the job correctly and quickly. They understand the security needs of homeowners and businesses and act accordingly.

Rekeying v/s Replacing Locks

Often rekeying is not an ultimate solution and needs lock replacements. So, deciding whether to rekey or replace the locks is essential to find out before calling a locksmith. You may also consult a locksmith for expert opinion. 

Lost key

Rekeying is ineffective when you have lost the key and have no spare key. Rekeying is not possible with locked doors. So, replacing a lock is the only option when you’ve lost the original key.

Updating the Doors and Locks

The remolding and style renovation necessitates the lock replacement according to the conditions. 

Unable to Find Locksmith

Although rekeying without assistance is possible, the locksmith is the right person for the job. So, not all locks are easy to rekey, and for that occurrence, you need to get a new lock.

Lock and Key Compatibility

The lock and rekeying kit must be from the same manufacturers. Not all rekeying sets are compatible with the model and brand of the lock. Therefore, when you are still looking for the rekeying kit from the same manufacturer, then it’s time to replace the locks.


Finding how to rekey a lock is quite exciting, but it demands a few technical understandings and skills to work with pins and cylinders. The quickest and safest option is to follow the guidelines provided over the Manual Instructions that come with rekeying kits. Another option is to call Affordable Locksmith Tampa to get your task done within a few minutes and in budget setups.

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