How to Remove A Stuck Deadbolt?

Deadbolts are metal door locks known for strength because of their robustness and durability. Unlike latches and simple door locks, Deadbolts are more secure as they can withstand battering and external forces up to a great extent. It is impossible to unlock the door lock manually; that is the reason they are called Deadbolts, which means dead or immovable. Learning ways to unlock or remove a stuck deadbolt can be life-saving in some situations.

There are many situations when your deadbolts will get stuck. Before we hop on to the ways of removing the deadbolts, you must know the basic structure of the deadbolts and the situations that can lead to removing a stuck deadbolt. 

How to Remove A Stuck Deadbolt

How to Remove a Locked Deadbolt?

Deadbolts are different in appearance as they do not look like door knobs or latches. They have strong metal key cylinders fitted deeply into the door’s core. Double-cylinder deadbolts can be opened on both sides and have key cylinders on both sides. 

Now coming to our primary concern! These are some easy tips and tricks to remove a stuck deadbolt that can help you overcome this problem without creating much fuss. If you are locked outside your apartment and cannot pick open your deadbolt lock, don’t panic; follow these simple steps, get a drill and other gadgets, focus on the lock mechanics, and you are already there. 

Removing a stuck deadbolt using a drill

Drilling through the door locks in case of misplacing keys is a standard and easy method. The particular tools that you will require include:

  1. Power drills
  2. Multiple bits
  3. Screwdrivers
  4. Safety gloves 
  5. Face sheet mask or safety glasses
  6. Hammer
To start with, make a pilot hole to avoid damage to the door’s wood.
  1. Mark the pilot hole first and then drill slowly.
  2. Once you have reached one-eight of the total width of the lock
  3. Change your drill bit with a cobalt or carbide drill bit and continue. 
  4. Turn the lock to see if the deadbolt is unlocked or removed. 
Removing a stuck deadbolt using a drill machine from outside is a time-consuming and technical process that requires both your patience and skills.

Things you must keep in mind- Wrapping Up!

Marking the pilot hole is the first step that must be done accurately to make the other steps work successfully. You must know the locking mechanism of the deadbolt so you can drill the holes in the metal rods inside the lock. You may also ask an Emergency Locksmith Tampa for a convenient and in-budget service.

Change the drill bits according to the situation and slightly apply pressure until you hear the breaking sounds of the pins. You must break at least five pins before the lock comes off. If the lock does not come off, use a prying hammer to remove it.


Because of their working mechanics, the deadbolts cannot be opened by any other means, like knives, pins, screwdrivers, or other sharp things. They insert the metal rod in the door frame, so even if you try to push a knife or pin, they will get stuck and increase your stress and workload.

The places to drill on a deadbolt depend upon the type of deadbolt you have on your door. You can drill directly on the keyholes, the shear line above the hole, or any place near the keyhole.

To open a double-cylinder deadlock, you must drill the interior side of the deadlock to remove the stuck deadbolt. It is more durable and thus difficult to remove.

Bottom Lines

Deadbolts are very difficult to open without a key that makes your home secure and reduces the risk of breaking in. If you misplace your only key, you have to make some effort with patience and follow the steps mentioned above to remove the stuck deadbolt from the door or window of your apartment.

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