How To Unlock A Frozen Door Lock?

When you don’t have a heated door system, frozen locks are the worst situation you face in freezing winter. You don’t have to panic or call a locksmith if you know how to unlock a frozen door lock. Exactly, you heard it right! You can become a locksmith and get your door’s lock unfreezes with simple tricks and hacks. 

Before, I shared multiple ways to help you unfreeze your vehicle or door locks. You must refrain from trying to unlock a frozen lock forcefully. Especially when you need to learn how to open a frozen car door lock, don’t opt for tests and trials. So, if you need help handling the situation, call an automotive locksmith near you to unfreeze the lock safely.

How To Unlock A Frozen Door Lock

How to Unlock a Frozen Door Lock? DIY locksmith

Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizers with significant alcohol volume de-ice your locks. For a thin layer of ice, the DIY work perfectly fine. However, equally spray the Key with hand sanitizer, which will melt the ice layer. 

Pre-Heat Key

If you have a lighter in your pocket, then heat the keys. While applying the heating technique, never force the keys into the lock. However, you can heat the keys multiple times to break the ice layer and reach the cylinder. Also, moving the keys in the lock will make it easier to melt the ice. 

Apply Petroleum Jelly to the Key

Applying petroleum jelly on the lock prevents the frost. Moreover, using petroleum jelly for unfreezing the lock is also an effective DIY. All you have to do is apply the petroleum jelly on the keys and insert the Key gradually into the lock. Do not rush with it, and let the lubricant sink in slowly. It will melt the ice and prevent the ice crystals from rebuilding. 

De-icing spray

A good quality De-icing spray is the easiest and quickest way to unfreeze all locks. Keep the de-icing spray handy when you are traveling in low-temperature areas. At times of freezing temperatures or snowfall, the locks freeze more often, and you must keep multiple spray bottles. No one liked to lock up in the bathroom with a frozen lock. 

Breath over the Locks

Unfortunately, if you don’t have any other option left, do not panic and come close to the locks. Take a deep breath and exhale exactly near the keyhole. Do it multiple times and let the warm air break the ice layer. Cup your hands near the lock, so no air escapes and pressure with heat speeds up the ice melting. 

Have you tried all the above ways to unlock a frozen door lock and failed? Now, search for the best locksmith near me on Google and call a professional locksmith for the task.

How to Unlock a Frozen Car Door?

Locked up in or out of the car is the worst scenario. However, multiple options are available in both scenarios to resolve the issue and get in your car. 

You can try some quick DIYs depending on the situation, whether in or out of the car. Moreover, you can also call a mobile locksmith service to reach you in an emergency and help you unfreeze the lock.

  • Try to open other doors when the driver’s door lock is frozen 
  • When you are in the car, try to turn on the heater of the car to unfreeze the lock
  • Push the locks, and it will help break the ice. Instead of pulling, push the door handle.
  • Park the car under the sunlight to avoid the frost. 

Must Avoid while unfreezing Locks

A frozen door lock is a chaotic situation, but it can be prevented and tackled when handled carefully. Both situations spike your nerves, whether it’s about a car door lock or a bathroom lock. However, one must try to stay calm and evaluate the occurrence to find the best way to unfreeze the locks. 

The car door locks are connected to the car’s electronic system and cause an electric shock. Therefore pouring hot water on the lock is never a good idea for unfreezing locks. 

  • Do not try to open the frozen locks forcefully
  • Do not heat the locks directly 
  • Never pour hot water over the lock
Quick Tip: Call a professional car locksmith to unlock a frozen car door.

Wrapping Up

So, we have already shared simple yet effective ways to unlock a frozen door lock. Meanwhile, instead of trying multiple techniques, it’s a safe way to call a professional nearby locksmith service. Most locksmith service providers have multiple equipment and techniques to unlock frozen locks conveniently. But in case of sudden snowfall when no one can reach you at the instant, then applying multiple ways to unfreeze will surely be an effective solution. 

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