Types of Electronic Locking Systems- Top 5 Picks

Classical and conventional door locks are eye candy for intruders and criminals. Do you hate locking the door with multiple keys and carrying the bunch anywhere? The 5 Types of electronic locking systems enable you to eliminate such frustrating locks and keys. 

Right after you step out of a home, you start to worry that your locked doors and windows need to be more secured. Eventually, you are afraid to go out for a trip and cancel many plans. The solution to this problem is installing one of 5 types of electronic locking system that keeps your property secure and threat free. 

We’ve all been there and now it’s time to go beyond the classical systems. Let’s check the electronic locking system in detail.

Types of Electronic Locking Systems

5 Types of Electronic Locking Systems

That’s true that the Electronic locking mechanism is the most secure and reliable security system. The problem that arises here is which one to choose. Like a cowboy’s saddle, only some locks are suitable for all door types. Find the one that is appropriate for your requirements.

1) Bluetooth Electronic Locks

Yes, you’ve heard it right! The electronic Bluetooth locks are amazing innovation and locksmith’s favorite locking mechanism. You can access any of the doors in the system using iPhone and Android devices. One of the most advanced Types of keyless door locks with an automated door lock system. Although the integrated system is quite expensive and necessitates a professional certified locksmith for installation, it’s a real ease once you have it.

2) Electronic Keypad Locks

Keypad locks are one of the standard electronic locking systems in offices. Instead of replacing the keys and locks, one has to update the password/numerical code, which is safe. Moreover, it doesn’t require multiple keys for distinctive staff members. Instead, you can share a code for access. Please reach out to commercial locksmith tampa for electronic keypad lock installation in your office or commercial buildings.

3) Card Locks RFID

The RFID Radio Frequency identification locks are available in different styles and mediums. One of the hotel’s most common Electronic locking systems is the RFID card locking system. It prevents breaching the security and privacy of the rooms and locks in the hotel rooms. As receiving device reads the frequency encrypted on the card or the holder. 

4) Electric Bolt Locks

The locks are highly secured and suitable for personal cabinets and sensitive rooms. The outlook of the electric bolt locks is similar to deadbolt locks with high security. The strength makes it highly compatible with sliding glass doors. Since a professional locksmith can conveniently set the lock, it is quite famous for residential locking systems.

5) Magnetic Door locks

The magnetic security locks have an electromagnet on the door frame and an armature plate on the door. When the electric current passes through the magnet, it holds them together and locks the door entirely. Moreover, the lock has an automated door lock system. Offices, schools, and other commercial buildings have magnetic door locking.

Smart Locks the Horizon of the Security System- Bottom lines

The electronic and digital locks are integrated to form intelligent locks. Modern security locks are a necessity of the time. However, you need to choose which lock is suitable for the occurrence. A few factors are essential to consider before choosing the right lock. 

  • Budget
  • Functionality/Technicality 
  • Traffic density 
Alexa-compatible (voice control) locking systems are no more a thing of the future. A smartphone is enough to open high-security systems. Another layer of security is biometric identification using fingerprints and retina scans. Moreover, DNA scanning is another breakthrough in the lock and security system field.

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