Different Types of Locks and Their Uses

There is a variety of door locks in the market. Choosing different types of locks for your home or office takes time and effort. However, you can easily decide on the best door locks with sufficient guidance and information. Home is the biggest asset for everyone, and people want the best for their houses. However, some people need clarification and choose the wrong type of door lock. That’s why you need to search for different types of locks before going to market.

Security and privacy are a significant part of any home. Although, these two things are only possible with an efficient and systematic lock. They keep your valuable belongings safe and secure and simultaneously provide you privacy. Hence, buying locks is a challenging yet significant task for homeowners. 

Types of Locks

Different Types of Locks in Market

Markets are full of different kinds of locks and security systems. However, before buying locks, you must know the availability and variety. The fitting of locks also matters while purchasing locks. Therefore, measure the lock holes before the purchase to avoid inconvenience. Let’s discuss the types of door locks for a better understanding.

Main Categories Sub Categories
Home locks Deadbolts, Knob locks, Padlocks, Mortise locks, Lever locks
Commercial locks Magnetic lock, Cylindrical lock
Automatic locks Smart locks: Keypad and Combination lock, Wi-Fi smart lock
Digital locks: Push-pull digital locks, Rim digital locks

Home Door Locks


Deadbolt locks are the most used locks among the other locks. They are easy to use and install. They have a particular mechanism that can resist attacks and thefts. Moreover, different kinds of pins and knives cannot open this lock. Therefore, deadbolt locks are the best option in the market.

Knob Locks:

Knob doors are also commonly used in residential properties. It is easy to use. However, the lock cylinder is on the doorknob instead of the door. Hence, it is preferable on inner doors compared to external doors. Moreover, it opens and closes quickly, which is a plus point.


Padlocks are one of a kind in the locks category, as they are portable and easy to use. This lock is not permanently attached to any door. These locks are available in many sizes and ranges. Moreover, it comes in combination and keyed varieties. This lock is easily recognizable because of its looped shape.

Mortise Locks:

Mortise locks are used for apartment, commercial, and glass doors. This lock consists of an internal locking system. Hence, make this locking system is more efficient. They consist of a cylindrical body and are available in different heights and lengths. Moreover, these locks are available in heavy and light versions.

Lever Handles:

Lever handle locks are popular among office and home doors. They have a push and pull mechanism. Thus, it requires more force. They have a distinctive fashion appearance. Moreover, they come in many sizes and can grasp and turn. Hence, it makes them easy to open.

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Commercial Door Locks

Commercial door locks are famous for industries, schools, office buildings, and stores. There are many types of commercial locks based on functions and properties. Some types of Commercial doors are as follows:

Magnetic locks:

Magnetic doors are also known as maglocks and use electricity and magnets to perform. This lock consists of a magnet and a metal plate. Moreover, this lock needs triggers, and when the metal plate activates, it automatically loses its charge, which opens the door.

Cylindrical lock:

Cylindrical door locks are easy to use and install. Most cylinder door locks consist of knobs and levers. Moreover, by adding two holes, you can easily install this door.

Automatic Door Locks

Automatic door locks have no keys and have a different mechanism. There are two different types of automatic locks.

  • Smart locks 
  • Digital locks

Smart lock:

The smart lock has a specialized and advanced locking mechanism and needs a specific user identity. There are many types of smart locks. There few types are as follows:

  1. Keypad and combination lock: This lock needs a specific password to open. However, these passcodes are different for different people by authorized users.
  2. Wi-Fi smart locks activate when connected to Wi-Fi. These locks let you open and close the door from anywhere with the help of a wireless internet connection.

Digital Door Locks:

Digital locks are also known as electronic locks. These lock does not need any physical key. Moreover, these locks are advanced locks that give efficient security options. There few types are as follows:

  1. Push-pull digital locks.
  2. Rim digital locks.

Wrapping Up!

There are many types of locks in the market. However, you need to choose very carefully about different versions. Moreover, they are available according to your needs, but you must research before going to market.

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